XRP ledger full history cluster

High available, low latency & geographic routing. Provided by trusted XRP community members.

Connect to wss://

If you want to connect to the XRP ledger using websockets for transaction history or transaction submission, you can now use the publicly available wss:// endpoint. Based on latency you will be routed to the closest, best available full history XRPL node.

High performance

Low latency, high performance. Multiple global points of presence, multiple community provided full history servers.


Multiple networks, multiple proxies, multiple full history servers. With live migration in case of downtime or maintenance.

By the community

The infrastructure required to offer this service is provided by XRPL community members. Because we will all benefit when the ecosystem grows.

Close to you

New York NYC, San Francisco SFO, Singapore SGP, Toronto TOR, Bangalore BLR, London LON & Falkenstein FSN

Want to try it?

Connected 🎉
Sent a server_info request and got response in milliseconds

Connection error: unknown

For developers

Access to the cluster is provided on a best effort basis, for all developers, consumers and small businesses to use. There are certain limits in place (eg. simultaneous connections per IP & bandwidth). If you would like to obtain a (paid) API key for premium access, please get in touch.

Points of presence
> 50MM
Available ledgers
Full history nodes
> 200TB
Yearly traffic